Eternal values

Problems and opportunities

Over the last 50 years, the life on the planet Earth has changed a lot, and it is changing very fast now — and therefore the meanings, we are guided with, must significantly differ now from those which used to be 50 years ago. 

Issues: The global problems of the planet and humanity are becoming more and more tangible:
  • Robots do physical work very quickly and qualitatively
  • More and more energy and other resources are being consumed
  • The population of the planet is growing rapidly, but drinking water amount does not
  • Earth ecosystem does not withstand this load:
    • Global warming occurs
    • Air, ocean and land are polluted with human waste
    • Extinction of animal species occurs at an incredible pace
  • There is a lot of false information on the Internet and the media that creates hatred between people and wars, or leads to purchasing of unnecessary or poor-quality things (for which the resources of the Earth are spent and our ecosystem is polluted)
What is necessary to do:
  • We, people, are necessary to put in the first place the new values​​ (new ones compared to those 50 years ago).
  • We, people from all over the planet, should act unitedly and more consciously in order to stop the destruction of our living environment and each other.
  • Each of us should think globally and act locally
The aspiration for sustainable development should outweigh the thirst for enrichment-disregarding-after-effects. Fear of reducing profits should obey to the awareness of the global threat of extinction. (Only a thousand people will be able to fly to Mars or the Moon, and billions will remain on the Earth.)
  • People are more and more engaged in mental and creative work than physical activity.
  • More people can move from survival to a happy and healthy life
Yes, we now have more and more time to create beauty in life! We can live better if:
  • If we know more
  • If we think of the future, we will create better and more durable results
  • If we do what makes us glad, what discovers ourselves and develops
  • If, while communicating with the rest of the world, we exchange best practices, tools and experience
To do this, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the materials of our site – and update your own meanings.
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